Industrial Operator Training: Unscheduled Downtime

Does your production facility experience costly unscheduled downtime?

Research has shown that nearly 80% of all unscheduled production downtime is preventable.  In addition, most of this unnecessary downtime is due to operator error.  Production operators have a huge potential to impact the performance of quality, as well as monetary profits of any production facility.

Here is a professional 3-step process proven to drastically reduce unscheduled production downtime:

  1. Identify the specific knowledge, skills, and ability required to perform the operator task/job assigned at the production facility.
  2. Through operator assessment testing, gather and analyze the skill levels of the individual operators who are performing the specific job tasks.
  3. Apply the necessary hands-on professional operator training to bridge the gap between the technical skills & knowledge required to perform the job task effectively and efficiently.  As a result, you eliminate the risk of an untrained operator causing unnecessary unscheduled downtime.

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